Screen Protector & Tempered Glass

Durable and easy to install, your smartphone will absolutely benefit from having a screen protector.

A glass screen protector for instance has been shown to be effective in protecting your phone from the hustle of your daily life. No matter how careful we are, we all need a little cushioning for our mobile device. A screen protector will provide an extra layer of protection against scratches, shattering or cracking of your phone’s screen. When you drop your phone at the wrong angle, screen protectors can help safeguard your phone and minimise the damage.

From tempered glass to plastic to hydrogel, you can take your pick for thickness and material. For robust, durable covering that will help lessen the wear and tear of your smartphone’s screen, purchase your screen guard from Flash Trend's line of the latest screen protectors today. Browse our catalogue for more premium quality mobile accessories and enjoy great prices.

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