Best MicroSD Card for the Nintendo Switch

If you’ve been glued to the screen of your Nintendo Switch playing Animal Crossing (or a game that’s just as addictive) since its release, you may not have yet noticed the potential storage issues that come with the highly coveted console.
While the Nintendo Switch does carry with it an internal memory bank of 32GB, a portion of this is reserved for use by the system. This means with the average Switch game ranging from 7GB to 16GB in size, a library of multiple games will fill up your Switch’s memory very quickly.
The solution to this is a microSD for the Switch, which will expand your storage considerably. We’ve decided to go over the best microSD options for your Switch, so you can experience the full game library that Nintendo has to offer.
What Type of SD Card Does the Nintendo Switch Take?
There are three types of SD cards on the market, available in both standard and micro sizes. These are:
  • SD, or secure digital. Up to 2GB of storage.
  • SDHC, or secure digital high capacity. Up to 32GB of storage.
  • SDXC, or secure digital extended capacity. Up to 2TB of data.
When it comes to the Nintendo Switch SD card type, the console is designed to be used with any form of microSD card. But if you want the best micro SD card for the Switch, a microSDXC is your best choice, giving you the greatest memory expansion for your console.
Nintendo gives further specifications for the Switch in regard to how a microSD card can impact game performance, stating that the console is UHS-I (Ultra High Speed Phase I) compatible. This means that you’ll require a microSD card with a transfer speed between 60-96 MB/sec for a smooth and reliable gameplay experience.
What Size Should You Get?
While it may seem that a microSDXC card with maximum storage capacity is the obvious answer, there’s more that goes into choosing the size of a microSD for the Switch.
Your decision is most likely to come down to the types of games in your Switch library. For example, if all of your games are physically purchased in store, the Switch’s cartridge capability means that you can simply pop the game in and start playing, and you won’t require an SD card upgrade at all.
If you have a combination of physical games and the occasional eShop purchase, a 64GB card should suit you comfortably. However, if you buy extensively from the eShop, you’ll want at least a 200GB microSDXC card.
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