For all networking solutions, Flash Trend presents our line of connectivity products. Meant to stabilise and improve internet performance, and allow wider range access, our range of ethernet switches and wireless USB adapters are perfect for desktop and laptop users. ... Read More You can travel and work in different locations comfortably without worrying about network signals, taking on internet calls and video streaming seamlessly.

Why Do You Need An Ethernet Switch

An Ethernet switch generates less network traffic in delivering messages thus performing better than a hub in busy networks. For environments with more users and devices, they’re the primary choice for network cabling. An Ethernet switch creates networks, its router allowing for connections between them and offers multiple ports for different devices to communicate within the LAN i.e. PCs and printers. Our switches are simple to use, with no configuration required and equipped with green Ethernet technology that saves on power consumption. We also have incredible wireless USB adapters, allowing computers which don’t support WiFi to connect to the internet, creating faster, more reliable connection to network signals via USB ports. Robust and affordable, our networking products provide effective solutions for your online connection. Purchase from Flash Trend today. Read Less...

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