Note that this compatibility guide is solely made to provide you with guidance on the correct and best memory SD card or micro SD Card for your mobile phone, tablet, cameras or other devices (GPS unit for example). You must always confirm with your user manual the most appropriate memory card and maximum capacity. Flash Trend does not accept any responsibility for incorrect cards being purchased. Please check you have the correct memory cards before opening the retail packaging.

To find cards that are compatible with your device:

  1. Choose your device model below
  2. Check the maximum size
  3. Click the link to view our recommended product

LG (Mobile Devices)

Model Card Type Maximum Our Recommendations
G7 One microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB Flash Trend Compatible 1TB micro SD Card for LG
G8X microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
K12 Prime microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
K40, K40S microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
K50, K50S microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
Q60 microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
Q70 microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
Q9 microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
V50S microSDHC/SDXC 1000GB
G3 microSDHC/SDXC 128GB Flash Trend Compatible 128GB micro SD Card for LG
GW382F microSDHC 16GB Flash Trend Compatible 16GB micro SD Card for LG
T375 Cookie Smart microSDHC 16GB
T385 microSDHC 16GB
G6 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB Flash Trend Compatible 256GB micro SD Card for LG
Harmony microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
K20 PLus microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
Q6 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
Stylus 3 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
V30 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
W10 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
W30 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
X Power 2 microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
X Venture microSDHC/SDXC 256GB
Extravert microSDHC 32GB Flash Trend Compatible 32GB micro SD Card for LG
K20 2019 microSDHC 32GB
K30 2019 microSDHC 32GB
K4 microSDHC 32GB
K7 microSDHC 32GB
K8 microSDHC 32GB
L Fino microSDHC 32GB
Optimus microSDHC 32GB
Optimus 2X microSDHC 32GB
Optimus 3D P920 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus 4X HD P880 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus Black P970 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L3 E400 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L3 E405 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L5 Dual E615 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L5 E610 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L7 P700 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L9 P760 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus L9 P769 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus Me P350 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus One P500 microSDHC 32GB
Optimus Vu II F200 microSDHC 32GB
Q7 microSDHC/SDXC 400GB Flash Trend Compatible 400GB micro SD Card for LG
Q8 microSDHC/SDXC 400GB
X4+ microSDHC/SDXC 400GB
K10 microSDHC/SDXC 64GB Flash Trend Compatible 64GB micro SD Card for LG
Optimus G E970 microSDHC/SDXC 64GB